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To become a retail partner selling our signature chocolate truffle Cubze in your shop, please email: info@thehappychocolatier.com.

Chocolate truffle Cubze are available in eye-catching counter displays and a variety of gift boxes.

Featured in: Gourmet News, Candy Industry, Snacking News, The Boston Globe, Middlesex News, Community Newspapers, Boston Business Journal, Worcester Business Journal and more.

cubed truffle, cubze, happy, happiness, colorful, dark chocolate, milk chocolate

What Our Customers Are Saying

You made me very happy! I enjoy reading all the small verses inside the Cubze, and all the flavors are delicious!

Thank you so much for the Cubze samplers. My plan was to eat just one per day, but so far I’ve had a real hard time staying on plan. So delicious!

The presentation of his chocolate is absolutely beautiful. And they are like little pieces of heaven! While eating this chocolate I dare you to not smile. It’s impossible!