About Us

Cubze: The Story

The Happy Chocolatier™ was founded in 2011 with the mission of spreading chocolate happiness. The Happy Chocolatier Cubze offer consumers a rich all-natural chocolate, plus a bit of happiness wisdom for a truly unique experience. The truffle Cubze are really two treats in one: they please the palate and enrich the soul.

Our unique extra large cubed truffles are made with high-quality ingredients and are available in a delicious variety of flavors including cappuccino, chocolate, cookies & cream, cranberry, mint, peanut butter, raspberry and sea salt, coated in either milk or dark chocolate. People can enjoy a single piece or share the happiness by giving Cubze as a gift.

Spreading Chocolate Happiness

Pleasing Palates and Enriching Souls

Habits of Happy People

Well, we are The Happy Chocolatier. So, after reviewing many articles about happiness, here are some of our favorite habits of happy people. Many of these thoughts are reflected in our Cubze: Practice Kindness, Appreciate the Small Things, Stay Positive, Help Others, Be Joyful and Be Thankful.

Why a Cubed Truffle?

Many have asked us why our truffle Cubze are cubed and individually wrapped. Others have asked why we include little messages about happiness in each truffle. Here’s why: when starting the company back in 2011, our goal was to introduce a truly unique chocolate truffle as a means of spreading chocolate happiness. First we chose the cubed shape. Generally speaking, most chocolate truffles were and are spherical (or, “spherical-ish”). We thought the cubed shape was … Continue reading Why a Cubed Truffle?