About Us

Cubze: The Story

The Happy Chocolatier™ was founded in 2011 with the mission of spreading chocolate happiness. The Happy Chocolatier Cubze offer consumers a rich all-natural chocolate, plus a bit of happiness wisdom for a truly unique experience. The truffle Cubze are really two treats in one: they please the palate and enrich the soul.

Our unique extra large cubed truffles are made with high-quality ingredients and are available in a delicious variety of flavors including cappuccino, chocolate, cookies & cream, cranberry, mint, peanut butter, raspberry and sea salt, coated in either milk or dark chocolate. People can enjoy a single piece or share the happiness by giving Cubze as a gift.

Spreading Chocolate Happiness

Pleasing Palates and Enriching Souls

GODVIA “G Cube Truffles” Undermine Our Trademarked Truffle Cubze

“G Cube truffles” from GODIVA are too much like “truffle Cubze.” Not only did GODIVA copy our cubed truffle concept, they intentionally chose a name that resembles our trademarked Cubze name and can be easily confused with it. We don’t want truffle Cubze to be overwhelmed by an imitation. Support us and email Godiva: letters@godiva.com. A succinct message to share with GODIVA based on recent comments from Cubze fans (feel free to copy and paste): … Continue reading GODVIA “G Cube Truffles” Undermine Our Trademarked Truffle Cubze

GODVIA Copied Our Truffle Cubze Concept

When we first came across the GODIVA Chocolatier G Cubes presented as cubed truffles, we were surprised and disappointed. The press release that introduced GODIVA G Cubes in September of 2018 positioned the G Cubes as new and innovative individually wrapped cubed truffles! We introduced Cubze in 2011. Over the last eight years, we’ve made countless people happy with our unique truffle Cubze. Though The Happy Chocolatier by comparison to GODIVA is a very, very, … Continue reading GODVIA Copied Our Truffle Cubze Concept