Here are some testimonials from happy customers. People love our happiness filled chocolate truffle Cubze! If you want to share a story or comment with us, email us: info@thehappychocolatier.com

If you spread chocolate happiness with our truffle Cubze and made someone happy, let us know. Email: info@thehappychocolatier.com.

“The presentation of his chocolate is absolutely beautiful. And they are like little pieces of heaven! The creamy Cubze are covered with either smooth milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Each one contains a sweet little statement about happiness. While eating this chocolate I dare you to not smile. It’s impossible!”

“I love the ‘happy’ fortunes in your chocolates. I had a lot of fun with them and my day was improved with each one. I am always on the lookout for new chocolate places and I am very happy I stopped in to your place.”
Jacqueline D.

“I loved these chocolates. They were just so rich and delicious. They’re perfect to share with friends and family too just because of the assortment of flavors, someone will definitely find a flavor they will enjoy. Not only because it’s chocolate and chocolate makes the perfect gift, but because they’re happy chocolates and really brighten your day.

I definitely recommend them, especially if you still need to get that gift for someone special for that big holiday coming up.”
Kelly M.

“Gave some Cubze some favorite nurses/doctors at Children’s Hospital today and nothing but lots of smiling faces and excitement. Thank you, as always, for being the best place in Acton for that extra something special.”
Laura S.

“I LOVE this store! … This the birthplace of Cubze! D.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. cubed servings of truffle that are hand wrapped and include an inspirational message about happiness! If you look forward to knowing your Chinese cookie fortune, this is so much better.”
Shar G.

“I just sampled a piece of the mint chocolate Cubze. Heavenly!”
Kate G.

“Your Cubze are such a unique product! I love surprising my friends and family with something they have never tried before. They are great conversation starters and that makes me happy!”
Jennifer R.

“I love the Happy Chocolatier – I take my Grandson there every time I am in the area. They have the best chocolate and the Cubze are great.”
Kathleen B.

“What I love about the Cubze is the anticipation of unwrapping the colorful foil to taste something new.  No more poking the bottom of a mysterious piece of candy or leaving a half-bitten chocolate in the box – Cubze have a unique quality, combining smooth chocolate with rich flavorful fudge in several varieties.  My personal favorite?  Chocolate Cappuccino!”
Joanne S.

“These taste even better than they look. They should come in special time release packaging as a safety measure.”
Liam O.

“We were fortunate to taste samples this weekend – absolutely delicious! And so much fun in the cube shape and foil wrapping – perfect for gift giving!”
Elizabeth K.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

You made me very happy! I enjoy reading all the small verses inside the Cubze, and all the flavors are delicious!

Thank you so much for the Cubze samplers. My plan was to eat just one per day, but so far I’ve had a real hard time staying on plan. So delicious!

The presentation of his chocolate is absolutely beautiful. And they are like little pieces of heaven! While eating this chocolate I dare you to not smile. It’s impossible!