Did You Know? February 11, 2012 is World Happy Day!

Okay, so this is a bit of a made up holiday like Sweetest Day. And, yes if you Google “happy day” you’ll find quite a few version. However, World Happy Day is linked to a really interesting movie, Happy.

Simply, it is a movie about happiness. More specifically, it is a feature length documentary that takes viewers on a trek across five continents in search of the keys to happiness. Through interviews and telling the stories of people around the world from a rickshaw driver living in the slums of Kolkata to Ed Diener, known as Dr. Happiness in America, the film addresses fundamental issues about happiness and sheds some light on how people might lead more fulfilling and happier lives. The movie has received several awards from various film festivals. I’ve previewed several clips and read quite a few news articles about the movie, and am looking forward to viewing it in its entirety.