Top 10 Chocolate Favors for Weddings and Showers – Part I

Big day approaching? In all likelihood, you, your family and friends have most of the wedding planning taken care of, so now you can move on to some of the fun details….like how to incorporate chocolate into the celebrations! The team at The Happy Chocolatier has compiled a Top 10 list that gives you some great ideas for how to include chocolate as favors for wedding or shower guests, thank you gifts, or as a fantastic addition to your dessert. Science and experience tell us that it’ll bring a little happiness to everyone!

1) Chocolate Lobster Table Favor – Planning a seaside wedding or event? One of our handmade milk or dark chocolate lobster pops makes a great addition to the napkin. Personalize with your own custom bow in your colors with the names and date!

2) Cubze 2- or 4-Piece Gift box – Brides and grooms love the concept of sharing their happiness with guests. Take it one step further with our signature truffle Cubze wrapped in gorgeous jewel-toned foils with an inspirational thought on happiness in each piece! They work well for a shower, rehearsal dinner or wedding favor.

3) Twin Chocolate Hearts – Two hearts coming together as one, just like the bride and groom! Milk, dark or white chocolate – pick your favorite or a combination and we can package them with a bow of your choosing.

4) Chocolate Roses – Another take on the chocolate lobster favor concept for those wanting something more traditional. You can choose the type of chocolate – milk, dark or white – and select a finishing bow to dress them up for the day.

5) Assorted Chocolates Favor – Are delectable sea salt caramels or truffles your favorite chocolate confection? We can make a chocolate cup and fill it with your preferred selection of chocolates. Again, customizable with a colorful monogrammed bow on the package.

These are just a few ideas to think about. Maybe one of them will spark a creative idea of your own! At The Happy Chocolatier, we can hand make chocolates in many different thematic molds and will work with you to create something that reflects the theme and tone of your wedding or event. Stay tuned for more great ideas in Part II. And remember, Happiness is like a kiss…you must share it to enjoy it!

Top 10 Chocolate Favors for Weddings and Showers – Part II

In our previous blog post, the team at The Happy Chocolatier gave you the first half of our Top 10 chocolate favors for weddings and showers. Here we’ll give you the low down on the second half of our ideas to incorporate chocolate into any of your celebrations. They’ll bring a little happiness to everyone sharing in your joy!

6) Seashells, Starfish and Sand dollars – For those planning a summery seaside wedding, our assortment of gorgeous seashells, starfish and sand dollars are a fantastic addition to your dining tables or dessert display. Choose your choice of milk, dark or white chocolate – or mix it up for color and varying tastes. Add an occasional foiled shell that complements your colors and you’ll be thrilled with the results! The finishing touch can be one of our ribbons or your own custom monogrammed ribbon in a color of your choosing.

7) Cubze, Our Signature Truffles – Simple but elegant, our signature Cubze are beautiful in jewel-toned foils. They add an extra element of happiness to your day with the inspirational thought on happiness wrapped up in each piece! A couple of our favorites: Happiness is like a kiss…you must share it to enjoy it and Some pursue happiness, others create it. Don’t take our word on how tasty these are, read what the Boston Globe and WBZ’s Jordan Rich have to say about them!

8) Chocolate Love Favor – Tuck one of these into the napkin and ring at each place setting at a Jack and Jill shower or at the wedding. They’ll add a contemporary flare to your celebration décor. You can choose the type of chocolate – dark, milk or white – along with the ribbon to accent each favor. If you would like to use a custom monogrammed ribbon to match your colors, we can assist you!

9) S’mores – A fun favor with a hint of summer for all your guests. One couple came in to look at our selection of chocolates and undecided, they purchased our handmade s’mores for the car ride home –the deal was sealed! The s’mores are made with graham cracker and marshmallow and hand dipped in milk chocolate. The bride and groom purchased small boxes for each pair of s’mores, bowed them and displayed them as favors for each wedding guest. They would also be a great treat to have placed in guest rooms at the hotel reserved for your wedding.

10) Chocolate Photo Frame – A great “thank you” gift for special guests or your bridal party that gives you the opportunity to share a photo of you and your beloved. Get creative! Beautiful and delicious in milk, dark or white chocolate, the frames can be gift boxed or presented in a clear bag with a ribbon.

Some excellent ideas are shared here and we have many others, as well. The team at The Happy Chocolatier can hand make chocolates in a variety of thematic molds and work with you to create something that reflects the theme and tone of your shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding or guest gift. Have an idea of your own? Give us a call or come in and we’ll be glad to work with you. Be happy. It’s one way of being wise.