It’s Not Just About the Gifts

Thanksgiving weekend, I think our newspaper weighed in at 10 pounds. It was chuck full of circulars and ads featuring gifts for the holidays. Now, I am in the business of gift giving as The Happy Chocolatier. However, I remind myself that this season is about much more than buying and giving gifts. It is about “why” we give gifts and “who” we give them to. The season is about family and friends, and recognizing many of the special relationships we have. It is about recognizing how full our lives are thanks to family and friends. In this season with so much to do, stepping back to think about the “why” and “who” part of the gift giving can be a wonderful and special experience.

November – Depressing? Not really.

I came across a blog that noted November was the most depressing month of the year for many reasons including:
– It is getting colder
– The green is gone from the trees
– The grass is brown
– Daylight is diminished

I prefer to think of Thanksgiving when I think about November. Both the capital “T” Thanksgiving, as in the wonderful holiday with friends and family, and the time of year when many volunteer time or donate goods to help others in need. And the small “t” thanksgiving, as in the many things I am thankful for in my journey in life like family, friends and community.