The Best Hot Chocolate Ever….Comes From Cubze!


Cubze cut and ready for hot chocolate

Ever had that tasteless watery brown stuff some folks pass off as hot chocolate. Technically speaking it is “hot” and does contain “some chocolate.” But, it certainly isn’t rich, creamy and really chocolatey. So, when customers at our store in Acton asked us for a hot chocolate, I began thinking through formulations.

First, I decided on what I didn’t want: anything that one could just mix into water or some dry cocoa sugar mix in a bag or over-priced tin.

Second, I determined what qualities I did want for our product. I was somewhat inspired by the ancient Aztek Indians drinking their chocolate. I wanted a product that would deliver rich and creamy hot chocolate in an easy-to-do fashion.  And, I wanted to evoke our cube theme.

Stir Cubze until melted into the hot milk

As I contemplated various formulations, it was clear that to deliver a rich and creamy experience cocoa butter and rich dark chocolate were to be the two key ingredients. Then it struck me…our signature Cubze would work great. After some experimentation, we determined that one of our Cubze in eight ounces of hot milk will deliver an incredibly rich and decadent hot chocolate.

It is quite simple: cut your favorite Cubze into four equal size pieces and stir it into eight ounces of hot milk. Add a marshmallow and enjoy. Our Cubze will enable you to make traditional chocolate, raspberry, mint and cappuccino versions of hot chocolate. For the more adventurous, you can try peanut butter or cookies and cream Cubze.

Cubze hot chocolate is good to the last drop!

Try it and let us know what your favorite flavor is!