Mother’s Day: Chocolate? Flowers? What do moms really want?

You rack your brain trying to figure out what to get your mom for Mother’s Day– you do this in between running errands, picking up the kids, making dinner, running to a school event meeting, dropping off other kids, and doing the work at night that you didn’t finish at work. Now it’s Friday, May 8th and you’re still stuck…what to do?

As a busy mom myself, I’ve been thinking about this. What would I love from my kids and what should I get my mom? A really great idea is the gift of time. Spend some time with your mom, no distractions, no games, grocery shopping or other craziness; just time together, one-on-one or as a family. Certainly, a gift to say thanks for always being there, helping out, and loving us unconditionally is a thoughtful idea, too.

As you read this, you might be thinking, “But they own a chocolate shop, where’s she going with this?”

If I got a little extra time for myself at the start of the day and then spent some of Mother’s Day with my family and mother, I’d be happy. A gift of chocolate – or maybe some flowers – would top off a fantastic day.

We spend so much time and energy doing everything and enjoying so little, in comparison, because we’re always in a rush. Take a breather, hang out with your kids, your mom, your grandmother. Maybe have a meal together, talk and enjoy each other. Finish out the day with great dessert. Savor the day and the time together like a smooth piece of milk or dark chocolate melting in your mouth. Slow down and enjoy it.