The Best Father’s Day Gift

The best Father’s Day gift doesn’t come on that one Sunday in June. Rather, it is a gift that comes in little bits throughout the year. At least is does for me. My children provide an incredible amount of joy day in and day out – many times just small things or passing comments: a simple hug, high five or “I love you dad,” working alongside me in the yard, building a model together, watching a movie or just spending Saturday mornings “doing our thing.”

When I think about the biggest change in my life in the last year, leaving a long-time job and starting The Happy Chocolatier, both of my boys provided gifts of unvarnished yet inspirational thoughts. Out of the blue my then 5 year old suggested that I start a candy factory “because I like candy a lot.” On the day of our opening, he presented me a picture of our Cubze to hang in my office. It remains a very special gift. My pre-teen continually comes across with great marketing ideas. They come at seemingly odd times, like on the way home from a soccer game or on the way to church. But it’s often clear he’s been carefully thinking these ideas through for some time.

So like most dads, I am very thankful for my kids and the ongoing joy and inspiration they provide. Not that I don’t appreciate the homemade card and occasional tie or Father’s Day itself, but I truly love the many small gifts throughout the year.