On Chocolate for Didrik’s Dinner Series

Our friends at Didriks, a high-end tableware, glassware and home furnishings store based in Cambridge, MA,  visited The Happy Chocolatier and took some great photos of our store and interviewed us for their blog, Dinner Series. Check out the high quality outdoor furniture, tableware and bamboo offerings on the Didrik’s site as well.  They also took some photos of our Fudge Cubze on the store’s great looking tableware.

Photo by Didriks taken at The Happy Chocolatier

An excerpt from the Dinner Series blog: “You probably can tell how much we love cooking, dining, and dinnerware…but the Dinner Series has one more love. Local business. We love small businesses and entrepreneurs doing new and interesting things, providing personal service and unique products to customers, and getting involved in their communities…Paul McMahon…recently retired from the corporate world and opened The Happy Chocolatier in Acton.”  Read on…