Gifts within Gifts!

Customers and retail partners have told us that each of our truffle Cubze is like a “gift within a gift…” because of the little witty thoughts about happiness wrapped into each piece. After hearing these thoughts (time and again), we were inspired to create our holiday gift collection this year. The windowed chocolate gift collections highlight the shimmering foiled truffle Cubze inside each gold box and come with festive seasonal bows. To be accurate, should we refer to the holiday boxed collection as “gifts within gifts within gifts?”

We think the elegant presentation + fine chocolate truffles + inspirational happiness sentiments will make for truly unique and memorable gifts for friends, family and business associates this holiday season.

Why “Chocolate, Happiness and Other Musings?”

Well, for me there has always been a tacit link between chocolate and happiness. Hence, the company name, The Happy Chocolatier. Chocolate makes me happy. Chocolate makes anyone I give it to happy. As I explored developing and launching my line of chocolates, Fudge Cubze, I decided that integrating happiness into the process was important. Fudge Cubze are really two treats in one – an excellent chocolate treat (if I do say so myself) and an inspirational statement about happiness with every piece.

As I was researching statements about happiness to include with the chocolates, I came across several that really speak to what I am trying to do:
– Some pursue happiness – others create it. — Anonymous
– Whoever is happy will make others happy, too. – Mark Twain.
– To have joy one must share it. Happiness was born a twin. — Lord Byron

Well, I am told that I’ve been sharing happiness with chocolate for well over 20 years now. And Fudge Cubze are my way of creating happiness with a new twist on chocolate and fudge.

I hope you enjoy Fudge Cubze and more so, enjoy sharing them with others to spread the happiness.

I welcome all comments on chocolate and/or happiness. This blog will cover more than just my chocolates…hence the name: “Chocolate, Happiness and Other Musings.”

If you would like to suggest a statement about happiness, please do. If we use your statement on happiness, we’ll send you a sampler box of our Fudge Cubze.