Why Think About Corporate Gifts Now? Avoid Pain Later!

In New England, the leaves are just starting to fall. But if you are giving corporate business gifts this holiday season to clients, customers or employees, now is the time to start planning. Beginning the process early results in less pain and stress when December rolls around.

Now is the time to develop a budget, compile lists and research a proven partner to handle the development and delivery of gifts comes December (or even late November for some). Gaining internal consensus on a budget takes time. Compiling lists of customers, clients or employees takes time. Segmenting the list of customers by gift size takes time (and quite possibly consensus). Most importantly, researching a partner takes time (especially if you use your personal or business network to get first-hand recommendations).

By finalizing a program and choosing a corporate gift partner in October, you can avoid all the last minute rushing and related confusion. You will have plenty of time to work with your partner to develop a something customized to your needs. Also, you can reserve the time that you want your gifts should be sent, instead of waiting until the last minute when you are at the mercy of a hectic business gift delivery season.

(Graphic courtesy of classroomclipart.com)