Why a Cubed Truffle?

Many have asked us why our truffle Cubze are cubed and individually wrapped. Others have asked why we include little messages about happiness in each truffle. Here’s why: when starting the company back in 2011, our goal was to introduce a truly unique chocolate truffle as a means of spreading chocolate happiness.

First we chose the cubed shape. Generally speaking, most chocolate truffles were and are spherical (or, “spherical-ish”). We thought the cubed shape was rather appealing and unique. And, the angular cubed shape gave us the opportunity to “engrave” our logo on each piece.

Then we chose to individually wrap the truffle Cubze, turning each one into a miniature gift. Each flavor is represented by a different color foil. Customers have told us that whether they buy one as a treat for themselves or receive a gift box from another, opening each individual truffle Cubze “gift” is part of the experience.

Lastly, to really spread chocolate happiness, we chose to include an inspirational thought in each truffle Cubze. Many customers have told us that they see the thought about happiness as an additional gift when they unwrap each piece. We don’t create all of our happiness statements; they come from famous people and local students.

So, now you know.