Take S’Mores Up a Notch

With fall comes s’mores: graham crackers and toasted marshmallows and chocolate. Mmm. Brings back memories of childhood (well, maybe a few more recent memories as an adult, too).

We took our s’mores up a notch to make them a really special dessert experience. We replaced the generic, run-of-the-mill chocolate bars with truffle Cubze. We just sliced the individial Cubze in two and then sandwiched the pieces with the toasted marshmallow between the graham crackers. Quite excellent! To make the experience even better…our guests were able to enjoy the inspirational thoughts about happiness that were wrapped into each piece. Some guests even took their witty little happy thoughts home with them for future inspiration and as a memory of our fun time together. 

We gave our guests a choice of dark chocolate: mint, orange, raspberry, sea salt or the original. For the milk chocolate lovers we offered: cappuccino, peanut butter and cookie. These were certainly delicious and memorable desserts. Give it a try!