Take Dessert Up a Notch

Impress Your Host or Guests with Cubze Desserts

If you want to do something really special for dessert, just integrate our chocolate truffle Cubze. Here are some thoughts on how to do it…from really, really easy to scratch baking. You choose.


Bake some brownies or blondies and when the batch is just about completed I (like two minutes left to bake) take Cubze halves and gently push it into the top of the individual pieces. Choose your favorite flavor of Cubze: peanut butter, raspberry, orange, cappuccino and mint are great choices. They look and taste great! Best part is that you get to eat any “extra” truffle Cubze “parts” not used.

Or, take your favorite cookie recipe and integrate truffle Cubze. For example, peanut butter cookies with a half of a dark chocolate truffle Cubze baked into the top — a really exceptional treat!


Buy some brownies from a local bakery and using some store bought cake icing top each one with a truffle Cubze. Again, choose your favorite flavor Cubze. Just cut the Cubze in half and use the icing to “attach” them to the brownies. Or, if you really want spread chocolate happiness…attach a whole Cubze to the brownie.

Oh, and for Super Easy

Simply take a dish of your favorite ice cream and either add a truffle Cubze to the dish as shown in the photo. You can also unwrap your favorite truffle Cubze and top off the scoop of ice cream with it.

Cubze to Birghten up a Plate of Baked Goodies

Just integrate the colorful truffle Cubze into a plate of brownies or cookies (store bought or homemade) and you end up with a colorful and delicious dessert presentation

Have fun and spread chocolate happiness with your desserts!