Happiness = Success? Yes!

I just read an article from Inc. titled, “Happiness Makes Your Brain Work Better” by Jessica Stillman. The premise of the article is that happiness drives success. As an entrepreneur who recently launched a chocolate business, I would have to agree with the article premise. I have been told that successful entrepreneurs have “an irrational exuberance” about what they do. I know I do – heck, I opened a business in a down economy. And, I called it The Happy Chocolatier.

I know first-hand that happiness does lead to success. Happiness enables one to be positive and focus on moving forward. That doesn’t mean that we don’t make mistakes. We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them vs. lamenting them.

Happiness is also contagious. Happy business leaders = happy employees, who work harder and are more committed than those who are not happy with their work. Happy business owners and happy employees create a welcoming and pleasant experience for customers…making them happy.

All this happiness simply makes for good business. And, that results in success.