Recognizing Those Who Make Our Businesses Run Smoothly

This week is National Administrative Professionals Week and Wednesday marks the 60th anniversary of the holiday. According to Wikipedia, the most popular ways to recognize administrative professionals are chocolate, lunch, flowers, gift cards and even professional development courses.

This week presents us with an opportunity to do a least a little something to recognize those who enable our organizations to run so smoothly. Many times the tireless work of these people is taken for granted or over-looked. It’s a great time to not only recognize those administrative professionals on your staff, but also to change habits and begin  recognizing them – even with a simple thanks – more regularly.

Guys: Send the Flowers and Chocolates to Your Sweetie at Home

The Happy Chocolatier and recently conducted a survey of women and found that:

– nearly 75 percent want to have flowers or chocolates delivered at home rather than at work
– more than 80 percent will share chocolates with loved ones (i.e. you and the kids) as opposed to hoarding the treats for themselves

So send those chocolates and flowers home and then you can enjoy them, too!