Spreading Happiness Every Day

This photo came to us from a customer with a note about how the quote inspired them! It is one of our peanut butter truffle Cubze in the customer’s hand showing the quote as they discovered it upon opening the truffle. We think this is pretty cool and it inspired us to write this blog. The quote “Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier,” is attributed to Mother Teresa (St. Teresa of Calcutta). As we pondered this quote, it brought to mind the many ways that any person can really spread happiness. So, we decided to share a few ideas:

Smile at anyone. Offer a kind word to a stranger. Send a short note to a friend who is struggling with a challenge. Share a funny story with friends or family at dinner. Visit someone who is homebound or in the hospital. Call or FaceTime with someone you’ve not spoken to in a while. Give a co-worker a compliment. Help someone find something they’ve lost. Say hello to a neighbor. Some of these suggestions are easy and some take a bit more effort. But, if each one of us did one small thing, just image the amount of happiness we’d be spreading!