Something Special for Halloween

This will certainly be an unusual Halloween for the kids. Many of the traditional activities like door-to-door trick or treating throughout the neighborhood, or local parties will not happen this year. However, from what we read and hear in the news, many are making special plans to ensure that this Halloween will still be fun for the young children.

This year we suggest spreading chocolate happiness with truffle Cubze. Just in time for Halloween, we introduced our newest flavor, milk chocolate. We are sure the milk chocolate truffle Cubze will join milk cookie and milk peanut butter as favorites with the kids. So, consider sending the special little ghosts and goblins in your life a treat of truffle Cubze. We have several selections that will surely bring a smile.

The kids –both young and young at heart — will enjoy the chocolate truffles and hopefully crack a little smile at the happy thoughts wrapped inside!

Happy Halloween!