Our Newest Gift Box: The Keepsake Cube

We wanted to offer a new chocolate gift collection that reflected the unique cube shape of our chocolate truffle Cubze. So, we are introducing the Keepsake Cube gift box. It is the perfect cubic shape and opens into two stepped tiers that contain a selection of our colorful truffle Cubze. Each silver box is presented with our signature royal blue bow, or a colorful holiday gift band and bow. The Keepsake Cube is perfect for spreading chocolate happiness in the coming holiday season for friends, family and business associates.

The Keepsake Cube (and our other gift collections) are the perfect gifts for your Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas dinner host. For all those holiday parties our truffle Cubze gift boxes make a memorable gift that your host will certainly enjoy. From what our customers tell us…your gift recipients will savor the chocolate truffles and smile at the witty thoughts about happiness wrapped into each one.

One last note….now is the time to start planning for holiday business and corporate gifts. There is likely a truffle Cubze gift collection to fit your need. Visit our online store to review the selection of boxed chocolates ranging from our two piece event favor boxes to our large gift boxes designed to bring smiles to a crowd.