Our First Holiday Season

We are in the thick of our first holiday season at The Happy Chocolatier. On a good day, this is a crazy time for anyone in the chocolate retail business. Chocolates to box, mail orders to ship, corporate gifts to pack, baskets to make and much more. Several months ago, The Happy Chocolatier and Fudge Cubze were only ideas. We’ve created a business and a product in a very short period of time.

“The first time” is both a frightening and exciting time. For me, it is more exciting than not. I am very lucky to have built a great team at The Happy Chocolatier. Less than two months ago, most of us didn’t know each other. Most didn’t know much about chocolate or retailing. Yet, a very positive “can-do” attitude and commitment has enabled us to move through this season successfully. Oh, there have been challenges and we’ve made our “first-time” mistakes, but customers have told us we’ve created a memorable and delicious experience for them. And, that has made us quite happy.

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