Moms, What Makes You Happy?

As we approach Mother’s Day, I muse about the happiness moms bring to us throughout our lives. But I am also curious as to what makes moms happy about being mothers.

Some of my thoughts on how moms make us happy:

  • Kisses and bedtime stories
  • Band-Aids and TLC for banged up body parts
  • Cupcakes, brownies and other special homemade treats made for birthdays or “just because”
  • Encouragement after losing the “big game” or not getting that “A”
  • Understanding and a willingness to listen and guide
  • Seemingly limitless patience
  • And, most importantly, boundless and never-ending love….

Now, I’d like to hear from the Moms: share what makes you happy by posting your thoughts below or sending your comment to We’ll post all the comments on our Web page on Friday, May 11.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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