Little Bits of Happiness Along One’s Journey in Life

The other day I Googled the word “happiness” and found numerous self-help sites. I didn’t realize there were so many people in search of happiness and, as a result, in need of some self-help. As I perused these sites, many pitched books, lifestyles, and ways of thinking, which would enable one to achieve a state of happiness.  I was frankly surprised to see the common theme of happiness being a state at which one hopes to arrive versus being an integral part of one’s journey in life.

I chose the name,The Happy Chocolatier, because starting a candy business is part of my life journey. I include statements about happiness in my signature chocolates, Fudge Cubze, specifically to bring a bit of happiness to others as they enjoy our confections.

In one direction or all around you?

As part of my view that happiness is part of everyday life, I invited people to provide us with their statements about happiness. One of the most profound came from a young teen and it speaks to happiness as a constant part of our lives, not a magical state to arrive at: “Happiness is a path you can choose on your journey in life.” I would venture to suggest that fewer people would be in need of self-help, if they simple recognized that happiness comes in various shapes and sizes in our daily journey…many of them small moments.

A recent moment of happiness for me resulted from a cute story that a friend shared. She said that after visiting our store, her little son was at home with his toy cash register and Halloween candy, playing “The Happy Chocolatier.” That really brought a smile to my face and is a moment of happiness to remember.

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