June is National Candy Month

We are taking the celebration of National Candy Month as an opportunity to re-visit The Happy Chocolatier blog. As we think about National Candy Month, two key things come to mind:


At The Happy Chocolatier, we advocate chocolate as part of one’s diet. However, we stress that moderation is critical. It is okay to have a treat. Several studies have noted that a little treat doesn’t hurt and in some cases – with dark chocolate – may even have some benefits. There have been a host of studies about the health benefits of dark chocolate and Cleveland Clinic does a nice job of summarizing them here.

Enjoy Quality Treats

Nine out of ten dieticians suggest that depriving oneself of treats actually backfires when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. So, don’t cut out the chocolates or candy entirely. For more information and links to studies: National Confectioners Association.

In fact, our signature cubed  truffles, Cubze, are designed to be a single serve treat. The majority of the flavors are dark chocolate based with some of the associated benefits of dark chocolate. We didn’t develop them to be low calorie, sugar free or fat free. We created the Cubze to be a delicious treat that brings a touch of happiness to those enjoying them.