Happiness statements from kids and teens – truly inspirational!

At our store Grand Opening in Acton, MA, we invited customers to share happiness statements with us. We hope to use some of them in our Fudge Cubze and offered to give the winner a large box of them. I assumed that those providing thoughts on happiness would be mostly adults. Was I ever wrong; the most profound of the statements were from kids and teens, such as:

– Happiness is not a reward, it’s a way of being
– Happiness is a path you can choose on your journey in life
– Happiness doesn’t mean everything’s perfect, you just see past the imperfections
– True happiness comes from the heart
– Happiness is friendship
– A world without happiness is like a cake without frosting

As I read these statements from the kids and teens, I was both inspired and touched by how they thought about happiness. Their thoughts didn’t address money, iPods, Wiis or other material things. Their statements were meaningful and thoughtful. In addition to this note, we’ll also be sharing some of the statements in our Fudge Cubze in the coming months.

If you have a statement about happiness that is on par with the thoughts of these kids and teens, please share it with us. Hopefully, they inspire you as much as they have me.


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