Great Ideas from Customers

In the short time that we have been open for business, we’ve had some really creative ideas from our customers. Several times now we’ve had customers ask us to bundle certain items (e.g. a hand-pulled candy cane bowed onto a gift box or a chocolate foiled Nutcracker bowed to a tower of gift boxes) and the results were some really attractive gifts.

One customer had a particularly interesting idea. The customer was responsible for Human Resources and purchased a number of our two-piece boxes. She told us that the combination of the chocolate treat and the statements about happiness in each one were “a really fun – yet inexpensive way” to bring some happiness into the workplace where things had been difficult in recent months. Every employee was to find one on their desk one morning this month! I hope we hear back about the results.

And, from the little ones, we’ve had a few who put Fudge Cubze on their list for Santa!

Keep the great ideas coming!

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