GODIVA “G Cube Truffles” Undermine Our Trademarked Truffle Cubze

“G Cube truffles” from GODIVA are too much like “truffle Cubze.” Not only did GODIVA copy our cubed truffle concept, they intentionally chose a name that resembles our trademarked Cubze name and can be easily confused with it. We don’t want truffle Cubze to be overwhelmed by an imitation. Support us and email Godiva: letters@godiva.com. A succinct message to share with GODIVA based on recent comments from Cubze fans (feel free to copy and paste):

Cubze truffles are the innovation of The Happy Chocolatier. Shame on you GODIVA to claim you were innovative. It’s very disappointing to have such a large company walking all over a small company. Your actions are not okay.

We find it really hard to believe that GODIVA did not know about our trademarked Cubze. In our first blog, we detailed how GODIVA copied our Cubze concept. Share this post. For more information click link.