GODVIA Copied Our Truffle Cubze Concept

When we first came across the GODIVA Chocolatier G Cubes presented as cubed truffles, we were surprised and disappointed. The press release that introduced GODIVA G Cubes in September of 2018 positioned the G Cubes as new and innovative individually wrapped cubed truffles! We introduced Cubze in 2011. Over the last eight years, we’ve made countless people happy with our unique truffle Cubze.

Though The Happy Chocolatier by comparison to GODIVA is a very, very, very small chocolate company, we have been featured by a host of media including: the Boston Globe, MetroWest Daily News, Boston Business Journal, WBZ Radio’s Connoisseur’s Corner, WROR’s Loren and Wally, and many more. We’ve lost track of the number of foodie bloggers who have posted about our truffle Cubze. For the chocolate and specialty food industries, Cubze have been written up in publications like Gourmet News, Candy Industry, Snacking News, Gift Shop Magazine and more.

We find it really hard to believe that GODIVA, a large multi-national company with many resources, did not know about our cubed truffles, Cubze. Our guess is that staff in market research or product development at GODIVA must have come across our truffle Cubze. They clearly must have liked our cubed truffle concept. So, the company just appropriated our idea.

The press materials that GODIVA issued announcing the G Cubes lifted “a few ideas” from our marketing materials. One might think that with all the marketing resources at GODIVA, the company might have been a little more creative with its press release. Some (very familiar) descriptions of G Cubes from their press release:

  • “cubic, individually-wrapped chocolate pieces”
  • “striking cubed chocolates”
  • “angular precision of a cube”
  • “colorful packaging”
  • “prefect for both a self-indulgent treat and a gift”

Here is a link to a full copy of the GODIVA G Cubes press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/godiva-introduces-decadent-new-g-cubes-collection-300703527.html

The format for presenting the different flavors even mimicked the way we present our Cubze flavors: https://www.thehappychocolatier.com/about-us/truffle-cubze-flavors/

Some might say that we should be flattered that a multi-national company like GODIVA liked our idea of a cubed chocolate truffle so much…that they copied it. As a small business that has invested considerable time, money and resources into creating our truffle Cubze and building our business, we think GODIVA’s actions unprofessional and unfair.

We may be a small chocolate company, but we are proud of our signature creation: truffle Cubze.

At this point, the best thing we can do is continue to spread the word about our unique truffle Cubze. If our fans and supporters wish to spread the word about GODIVA’s actions, we would welcome it. We don’t want truffle Cubze to be overwhelmed by an imitation.

For more information and details, visit https://www.thehappychocolatier.com/godiva-appropriated-our-truffle-cubze/