GODIVA Copied Our Truffle Cubze Concept and Claimed It as Their Own...
Help Us Spread the Word to Defend Our Cubze

We introduced our unique cubed truffles eight years ago in 2011. In September of 2018, GODIVA announced the introduction of what they deemed a new concept: a cube truffle. GODIVA has appropriated our novel concept of a cubed truffle. They even use a name that resembles our trademarked Cubze name. Using its substantial marketing and financial resources, GODIVA can easily overwhelm The Happy Chocolatier original cubed truffle, Cubze.

We invested considerable time, effort and resources into developing, launching and building our product and brand. Our Cubze have been in the marketplace for eight years. We have received press coverage and recognition in local media, in a variety of social media outlets and in chocolate and specialty food trade journals. So, we find it very hard to believe that GODIVA did not know about our truffle Cubze. We think they simply appropriated our concept, claimed it as their own, and positioned it as a new and innovative product created by their chocolatiers.

As a small business, we find GODIVA’s actions not only frustrating, but unfair. This is a case of a large company simply appropriating the creative idea of a small company, based on the assumption that the small company will not have the resources to protect their original concept.

We are not inclined to just sit back and watch GODIVA copy our cubed truffle concept and claim that their actions are innovative. While our resources are considerably more limited than those of GODIVA, we will spread the word about their predatory actions.

The links below contain more detailed information that will provide our concerned customers, fans, selling partners and friends more detail: