Gifts for Grads, Dads and Teachers…

There are so many reasons to spread chocolate happiness this season.  Graduations, end of the school year and Father’s Day are three that come to mind.

Looking for a nice gift to give the high school or college graduate in your life? Want to give them something more than a card with a check? A box of truffle Cubze to accompany your card is a gift they will surely enjoy. If you are throwing a graduation party, truffle Cubze make a fun and delicious party favor or memorable addition to your dessert selection. You can even order Cubze by color to show some school spirit!

Not sure what to get the teachers, tutors, bus drivers and other folks who’ve made it a great school year for the kids? Well, who wouldn’t appreciate a nice box of truffle Cubze. Our chocolates are far more fun than a coffee mug and certainly tastier than a gift card. We can say from personal experience, that our children’s teachers always had a big smile when they received a box!

What to do for Dad? Possibly, give him time off from weekend chores. Maybe a nice barbeque. You can even add some of his favorite truffle Cubze as treat. Editorial Note: the truffle Cubze are not in place of a relaxing day…just a nice addition to it!