Why Fudge Covered in Chocolate?

Several folks have asked me, “Why cover the fudge in chocolate?” and “Why hand foil each piece?”  Well, being a big fan of chocolate and having sampled many types over the years, I decided that something was missing with traditional fudge. I enjoyed fudge, but never did like the presentation or the fact that many were really sugary and overly sweet.  I wanted to take fudge up a notch and decided that two critical areas needed to be addressed: the taste and the presentation.  So, my twist was to develop some really interesting flavors that would be rich and creamy (not sugary sweet) and then coat them in a complementary milk or dark chocolate, which adds to the flavor experience.  Additionally, we chose to offer individual chunky pieces and individually wrap them in colorful foil making for an eye-catching presentation. We even box them up in attractive collections for gift giving. Those that have sampled our Fudge Cubze tell us they taste like nothing they’ve had before and they love the packaging – specifically with gift giving in mind. The last aspect of our twist is that every Fudge Cubze comes with an inspirational statement about happiness!

This doesn’t mean that traditional slabs or tubs of fudge aren’t quite good – they are. Fudge Cubze are just a new twist on the traditional favorite.

Truly, The Happy Chocolatier

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 15, we host the Grand Opening celebration at our store in Acton. We wouldn’t be hosting this grand opening, if it were not for our excellent team of contractors, including:

– Howard Davis Carpentry, Howard & team, General Contractor
– Quintela Painting Company, Antonio Quintela & team
– Perry Plumbing, Gary Corey & sons
– McLeod Electric, Bill Morehouse & team

Not only are these men really great at what they do, but they are genuinely nice people. Each and every one them – and the members of their respective teams – did more than was “required” to help us get ready. For that, I am most thankful. All provided sound advice, worked long hours and helped me out of the occasional unplanned glitch. For example, our 400 pound ice cream freezer showed up a day early at 8:00

in the morning and I wasn’t at the store. Howard, Ben, Dan and Fred knew I needed an ice cream freezer. So, they signed for it, uncrated it and carried it into the store. That certainly wasn’t on their “to-do list!”

This build out experience could have been a real challenge. Instead, thanks to the mutual respect, dedication and sense of humor of these gentleman, I am truly The Happy Chocolatier!