Birthday Parties

Make Your Child’s Birthday Extra Happy with a Party at The Happy Chocolatier

Group size: 6-10 children

Best part…we’ll manage the party for you and everyone’s happy!

It’s a fun and interactive overview on where chocolate comes from and how it is made.  We take the children through an age-appropriate, interactive discussion of where chocolate comes from (e.g. cacao trees along the equator) and talk about how cacao nibs from trees become chocolate.

The kids favorite part: they’ll sample chocolates from The Happy Chocolatier as we talk!  We sample our signature Cubze (unique cube-shaped truffles), which are very popular with kids, as well as items that we hand make in our store.

All the children get a smiley face chocolate pop to go!

Every child receives:
Kiddie Ice Cream
Chocolate pop

Birthday child receives a candle in their ice cream delivered along with a hearty round of “Happy Birthday!” and a jumbo Happy Birthday pop to take home.

Total time for event is about 1 hour and 15 minutes
Parents can bring their own party napkins if desired

Cost: $12.95 per child

*This is not a drop off event. Parental supervision is required.
**Any allergies to nuts, dairy, wheat must be discussed beforehand. Most products at The Happy Chocolatier are made on shared equipment.