Birthday Parties

Birthdays Are Extra Happy at The Happy Chocolatier!

Birthday parties at The Happy Chocolatier are fun and interactive. We provide an overview on where chocolate comes from and how it is made. We take the children through an age-appropriate, interactive discussion of where chocolate comes from (e.g. cacao trees along the equator) and talk about how cacao nibs from trees become chocolate.

The kids favorite part: the interactive Create-Your-Own Chocolate Bar” session! Each child will design their own milk chocolate bar with a variety of toppings. It’ll set while they enjoy the rest of the party and they’ll take home the bar in its mold.

They’ll also sample chocolates from The Happy Chocolatier as we talk. Guests will taste our signature Cubze (unique cube-shaped truffles), which are very popular with kids, as well as items that we make by hand in our store.

happy birthday, chocolateEvery child receives a Kiddie Ice Cream to finish off the party!

Total time for event is about one hour. Cost: $22.00 per child
Group size: Minimum of 10

Best part…we’ll manage the birthday party for you and everyone’s happy!

*Birthday parties are not drop off events. Parental supervision is required.

**Any allergies to nuts, dairy, wheat must be discussed beforehand. Most products at The Happy Chocolatier are made on shared equipment.